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Detail-Oriented Vessel & Tank Fabrication

At American Boiler Tank & Welding Co Inc in Albany, New York, we provide comprehensive vessel and tank fabrication for a variety of different industries.
Custom Fabricated Sled
Custom Fabricated Sled
American Boiler is a vessel & tank fabricator, dedicated to quality and service. Click on photo at left to see how engineering to customer’s specifications is our specialty.
We are happy to come to your location to provide convenient, on-site service. One of our past clients, General Electric™, had pressure vessels in Tampico, Mexico that required alterations so that they could meet specific code requirements. Known for our first-rate work and dependability, we were selected from only two domestic vendors considered for their job.

While making necessary repairs, our engineering uncovered additional design flaws that would have caused serious, costly future problems. Through our attention to detail, we were able to correct the problems on-site, bring the vessels up to code, and save the customer big-time on down-the-road costs.
Pulp & Paper
Our company is always up for the task. While working for International Paper in Ticonderoga, New York, they required specific designs for the fabrication of a large power boiler breeching. The project had to meet state environmental emissions requirements, and it had to be finished within 60 days, from bid-to-ship.

To get the task done on time, we provided around-the-clock production and over 100 tons of material. Once we were finished, the customer was pleased with the outcome, stating that "everything fit like a glove."
When quality is important, count on us. Even the military trusts us to meet their needs. We fabricated stainless steel furnaces on a turnkey basis for the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

This specialized piece of equipment is designed to facilitate the production of armor-piercing penetrators. This application involved solving a series of very complicated manufacturing and engineering problems involving high heat and stress.
At American Boiler, we will do everything possible to meet your needs. During work for Niagara Mohawk, there was no suitable in-field site available. Instead, we used our large fabrication facility located in Albany, NY to fabricate penstock for the Sherman Island Dam at the Hudson River, near Glen Falls, New York.

American Boiler fabricated penstock made of carbon steel. One piece construction measuring more than 14'diamater and over 40' long. Complied with critical delivery and installation deadlines we met the customer's tight rebuild schedule.
ASME C.S. Painted Pressure Vessel, Shop Fabricated for Electric Boat
Food & Drug
Rest assured that we will meet all of your requirements. On a project for Kal Kan in Columbus, Ohio, we had to meet stringent FDA requirements. They required the fabrication of cooking vessels for their high-speed production of pet food products. The stainless-constructed products we created were designed to interface with existing process control equipment supplied by another vendor of Kal Kan.
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