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Custom Sled

In the spring of 2001, we took on a new, challenging and fun project for Veco Polar Resources, a subcontractor for the National Science Foundation in Greenland.

This project was the complete fabrication of a special cargo offload sled for use with the massive cargo planes, LC-130. The NSF uses the LC-130 to deliver scientific research supplies to the arctic-like regions of Greenland. The sled allows safe and reliable off loading.

As you will see, this sled is no “Flexible Flyer”. Typical of all of our projects, American Boiler offered superior craftsmanship, the very best in fabrication equipment and processes, a large facility, our “can-do” attitude and outstanding value.

We let all of these qualities shine on this project.
Journeyman Boilermaker Fitting Supports
One of our Journeyman Boilermakers fitting up supports between the sled deck and skis. Notice how the sled dwarfs him. American Boiler handles the big projects.
Completed Sled Fabrication and Painting
Sled fabrication and painting is complete. The sled is in our shop yard and awaits delivery to Greenland. American Boiler is conveniently located close to major highways, railways, rivers and airports.
 Sled in Greenland
From the warm spring air of Albany, NY to the harsh frozen tundra of Greenland, the sled performs flawlessly. American Boiler quality means the sled will be safe and reliable for years to come
Sled in Action
The sled in action....After being placed behind the aircraft with a height matching the floor of the plane, cargo is pulled from the plane onto the sled, and then the sled is pulled away from the plane....... Simple, massive and elegant.